Building Systems & Specs

BOMA Standard

  • 2017 Method B


  • LEED Gold Targeted

Total Rentable Area

  • 147,801 SF

Demised Premises

  • Dry-walled / taped and primed ready for finish

  • Solid core wood door with hollow metal frame

  • Ceiling will be poured concrete slab ready for finishes

  • The NEW building will feature exposed concrete structure

  • The EXISTING Huck Glove Building structure will retain timber beams and joists to be refinished and left exposed

Electrical and Power Capacity
Premises will be provided with a:

  • 3 phase 4 wire 600V / 100AMP (Typical Unit) to an unfused disconnect

  • 11.5 W / SF

  • Distribution and transformer by tenant will be separately metered

Back-up Power

  • Natural gas emergency generator system will provide backup power for life safety systems (emergency lighting, exit signs, fire alarm, etc.) non-essential load (parking garage door, fire shutter, sump pumps) etc.

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC)

  • HVAC will be enabled 24/7/365

  • One ton of cooling /350 SF to an open floor plan design

  • 1.15 cfm/SF from fan coils + ventilation air at 0.085 cfm/SF

  • Fresh Air Ventilation Rate: 10.625 cfm /person

  • Heating will be provided by gas fired high efficiency boilers circulating water via pumps throughout the building to hydronic heaters and fan coils

  • Chilled water will be provided via an outdoor chiller and circulating pumps connected to an indoor heat exchanger. Chilled water is piped to fan coils

  • Lease areas supplied with heating and cooling

  • Fan coil units and duct work to be completed during tenant fit-up


  • Gender-neutral facilities available on all levels in accordance with code

  • Accessible lavatories on all levels in accordance with code

  • Dual flush low flow WC’s and hands-free lavatory faucets

  • One combined change/shower room per floor (2nd to 5th & 7th)


  • The original building (Huck Glove Building) will be refurbished with Heritage style high performance thermally broken aluminum framed windows to match existing opening with double glazed clear glass and low-E coating in existing openings meeting 2017 SB-10 requirements

  • The new structure will provide a thermally broken unitized aluminum curtainwall system complete with 7’-5” to 11’-8” tall double glazed high performance tinted glass complete with a low-e coating meeting the 2017 SB-10 standard requirements. The vision glass varies in widths from 4’-0” to 20’-0”

  • A Mecho-Shade Commercial blind installed on all exterior windows

Ceiling Height (slab to slab)

  • Lower Level (Existing Huck) = 3,280mm (10’-9”)

  • Ground Floor (New) = 5,820 (19’-1”)

  • First Floor (Existing Huck) = 3,580mm (11’-9”)

  • Second Floor (New/Existing - Huck) = 3,618mm (11’-11”)

  • Third Floor (New/Existing Huck) = 5,200 (17’-1”)

  • Fourth to Sixth (New) = 4,000 (13’-2”)

  • Penthouse (Office Area) = 4,350mm (14’-3”)

Ceiling Height (slab to underside of structure above)

  • Lower Level (Existing Huck) = 2,920mm (9’-7”)

  • Ground Floor (New) = 5,570 (18’-3”)

  • First Floor (Existing Huck) = 3,580mm (11’-9”)

  • Second Floor (New) = 3,398mm (11’-2”)

  • Second Floor (Existing Huck) = 3,140mm (10’-4”)

  • Third Floor (New/Existing Huck) = 4,980 (16’-4”)

  • Fourth and Fifth Floor (New) = 3,780mm (12’-5”)

  • Sixth Floor (New) = 3700mm (12’-2”)

  • Penthouse (Office Area) = 4,100mm (13’-6”)

Roof Top Terrace

  • 4,466 SF Outdoor Terrace common for all tenants

  • Full height glass walls, 2 BBQs, shade shelters, privatized outdoor area for penthouse office space, cast-in-place planters with landscape features


  • 1 stall/1,000SF

  • Underground parking via several entrances and exits

  • Additional parking available at nearby Municipal Lots

Bicycle Storage

  • Ample indoor and outdoor racks

Security / Life Safety

  • A low battery level relay in the fire alarm control panel, in lieu of a loss of utility power relay

  • Fire alarm will consist of a modified single stage operation system to integrate with adjacent buildings by way of the interconnection on the parking level with fire shutters through the foundation fire walls

  • The building will be sprinklered to an open plan in accordance with the applicable building code with upright heads


  • Open office LED Lighting provided (40’ candle)

  • Specialty/decorative lighting in elevator lobbies as well as main lobby with “feature” high ceiling areas


  • Passenger Elevators (x2) (6’8” wide x 4’3” deep x 9’ tall, with 2,500 lb capacity)

  • Passenger/Service/Loading Elevator (x1) (5’3” wide x 8’4” deep x 9’ tall, with 4,500 lb capacity)

  • All elevators will be FOB accessed

  • GTA Class "A" Performance Criteria will provide 11.5% handling capacity during peak periods based on 130 RSF/Person with no more than 2% of all hall calls exceeding 90 seconds in duration

  • The average wait time will be 30 seconds or less during peak periods

  • Elevator speed is 1.75 meters / second

  • Floors: Granite or porcelain tile

  • Walls: Glass, stainless steel and mirror

  • Ceiling: Stainless steel panel and LED pot lights


  • Existing building will have cast-in-place concrete slab on existing timber floor framing with new cast-in-place concrete columns

  • New building will have cast-in-place concrete

  • 50lbs/SF for office floors

  • 100lbs/SF for restaurant and retail areas

  • 150lbs/SF in file storage areas


  • The shell building will consist of stacked communication riser rooms which will be provided for installation of telecommunications equipment and cabling

  • Main conduits and sleeves will be provided to accommodate cabling between the main demarcation room and the stacked communication riser rooms

  • Each tenant space will be provided with a minimum 78 mm communications riser conduit from the respective floor stacked communication riser room

  • An IP based BMS (Building Management System) for the building will be provided by individualized manufacturer/supplier of a given building system


  • Fixturing can commence Q4 2021

Specifications are based on preliminary conceptual plans. The developer reserves the right to modify these specifications at the developer’s sole discretion.